Character Thursday-Imriss Karids (Lizardfolk Cleric)

A Lizardfolk member of the Black Shield in the Black Swamp. She is a faithful laborer in the cause, but she is beginning to question the group’s methods.

Backstory and Levels 1-5

Imriss was a quiet and obedient worshipper of Tryseana and Malkither in the tradition of the Black Shield. She believed in the cause as much as any other and was happy to give her efforts to the Black Shield. Seeing her strength of conviction, her leaders assigned her to the groups stirring up the Tulkem in the Black Swamp.

Imriss was very good at her job. The Tulkem in her assigned areas were rabid and wild and she received accolades. However, she was not pleased with her work. Nowhere in the doctrines of either Malkither or Tryseana could she find justification for such a chaotic and unreliable practice. She did the work, but everyday she questioned more the Black Shield’s methods. She wondered if the shadowy Black Spear worked in a fashion more worthy of the Conqueress and the Lord of War.

Strength: 6, Constitution: 18, Dexterity: 8,

Wisdom: 14, Intelligence: 12, Charisma: 16

Abilities: Spell Casting IV, Prayer IVControl Animal III, Speak to Animal IIIArcane Knowledge I

Skills: Will IV, Diplomacy III

Imriss is a good caster for her level, though with fewer spell points than a casting focused character would expect at her level. She also turns to her deities for power. She is well favored by them, and she is skilled at imploring for their help.

If encountered in her current stomping grounds, her greatest resource is likely her ability to rile up the Tulkem, She can do this either directly with Control Animal, or by convincing them with her smooth words.

She also has a lot of Will for her level, protecting her against mental attacks and many other approaches that are the weak point for most characters.

As a Master Weaver, would you expect your players to use Imriss’ doubts to their advantage? How else could you use her?  As a player, how would you handle a character like this? Comment below and let us know.

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