The Black Forest and the Black Swamp

South and East of the embattled Seven Peak Woods, the Black Forest and Black Swamp are the holdings of the Lizardfolk. Though many of the Lizardfolk live in independent and isolated towns and villages, they claim the city Sasaniss in the great vale between forest and swamp as their capital. The Black Shield controls Sasaniss, a mighty fortress in the midst of the vale.
BlackForestAndBlackSwamp The Black Shield has many forts and outposts throughout the Black Forest and the Black Swamp. It is they who stir the Tulkem to to attack and dig so vigorously against the wall of Alfoli. They are also behind the constant conflict with Dimrill and many of the pirates in the Horols.

The Black Spear has operatives in many of the towns and even a few within Sasaniss. Currently under the heel of the Black Shield, much of their effort is spent undermining the power of the Black Shield in the area.

There are a a few large towns in the swamp and many villages, but the Tulkem control most of it, being over crowded there. The Black Shield keeps them in check and directs their efforts against Alfoli, but the more crowded they become the more they struggle to expand in other directions. The Black Shield is beginning to resort to population control measures beyond getting them killed smashing against the Alfoli wall.

Many other groups travel through the Black Forest, including daring merchants from the Seven Peak Woods going to Dimrill, the nearest port; merchants with trade relations among the lizardfolk; and slavers based in the Dlina Desert transporting goods from the North.

Would you as a player like to adventure in Sumak? As a Master Weaver would you use them as a principal villain? How would they drive the story? Let us know in the comments below.


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