Ability Tuesday-Crusade

A crusading character has a vendetta-personal or otherwise-against the specified group. This is often a race (human, dwarf, goblin, orc, nekolyn, ospryte, livecap, etc.), but it can also be an organization or nationality (Black Spear, Black Shield, Lyseria, Sumak, etc.) or even a creature (undead, drake, dragon, etc.). Characters with crusade get a bonus to damage when fighting that type of enemy due to their passion and rage. It is a very potent way to add damage output to a character, especially for a minor ability.

Examples of crusading characters:

  • Talik Capbane: She crusades against the livecaps who attack her home regularly. It helps her to defeat Glud Alumb, but makes her especially dangerous against his troops.
  • Karduk Dytlineer: He crusades against elves, despite being raised among them, because they treated him badly and sought to eject him from their midst.
  • Gilick Arux: His parents died as fodder for a drow house. Now, though a drow himself, he crusades against the drow.
  • Thulme Breakbough: As a drake hunter, Thulme crusades against drakes, making his battles against them much easier.
  • Aktu Choka: This kobold warrior crusades very narrowly, against skeletons only, in order to protect his tribe from them.
  • Merss Salinis: This leader of a Lizardfolk war party crusades against both humans and elves, the two primary enemies he faces in his patrols.
  • Drow always crusade against their surface cousins the elves.
  • Dwarves frequently crusade against enemies such as goblins and drow that frequently threaten them underground.

Clerics and Paladins can get Crusade, and Dragon Slayers get a couple levels in Crusade (Dragons) automatically. However, crusade is quite common cross-class through the Master Weaver or as a backstory ability. It is a good way to make NPCs more powerful than expected against a specific kind of foe.

Do like playing characters with a crusade?  What kinds of enemies do you think it would be useful to get extra damage against? Let us know in the comments below.

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