Progress Update-Rules Questions

In the course of play testing, we’ve come up with some interesting questions. A lot of these come from the Talik Capbane VS Glud Alumb fight, but they’ve come up in our games from time to time as well. Today’s questions center around casting spells while fighting, something that comes up like crazy with gishes like Talik and Glud.

  • How is attack time counted, particularly when a character attacks on his turn before attempting to cast a spell? Is it really a full second?
  • How is kick time counted? Is a kick simultaneous with other attacks? What if I’m kicking and using Armed Casting to cast spells?
  • How is casting time counted? Can I simultaneously cast a left handed spell while attacking with my right hand? Or does the time start counting after I’ve made the attack?
  • How does casting work when you’re off balance or prone? Is there a penalty for being off balance? Can you even cast when prone?

I have some preferences for how to answer these questions, but I’m curious what the people think. What I end up doing about them will largely depend on where gish builds fall on the power spectrum. If they’re weaker than most other builds, I’ll make casting while fighting easier to bring them up. If they’re stronger than average, I’ll go the other route to nerf them a little bit. Either way, I think they’re fun to play.

Please feel free to give any input on these rules below. You’re sure to have ideas and options I haven’t heard of.

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