Saturday Spell-Blanket of Silence

BlanketOfSilence“Shut that dragon up,” Herrick ordered as the brass dragon beneath the net again called out. It was loud, maybe loud enough to deafen those staking down the net.

Dylan began casting an appropriate spell. Things were about to get very still. Hopefully Herrick didn’t have any more orders to give for a while.

Well, we want the spell to create silence, so that means using the Zo arc. Dylan wants to keep away from the deafening sound while he casts (a deaf mage is a dangerous mage), so that’s some Wind (Indirect). I’ll go with 64 feet of range. We want it to last as long as we can, but AoE can really amp up point source effects like sound and light by creating multiple sources, so we’ll throw some AoE in there to blanket the whole dragon.

Left Hand:

Ros (Stealth Radius): Chaos (Indirect), Wind(Indirect)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Chaos (Full)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Chaos (Indirect), Wind(Indirect)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Chaos (Full)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Chaos (Indirect), Wind(Indirect)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Chaos (Full)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Chaos (Half), Wind(Indirect)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Chaos (Full)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Chaos (Half)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Chaos (Full)

Zo (Negativity Arc): Chaos (Half)

Ros (Stealth Radius): Chaos (Full)

Saying “on re bi”

Alright, crazy stuff. That’s (10d6)*5 dB of anti-sound, before AoE jumps in, at the outset of the spell. The largest point source at the center gets reduced to 92% for an average of 161 dB at the outset. This is compounded by point sources around it at 147, 136, and so on. That means that no matter how loud the dragon becomes, it cannot even hear itself, at least at the start of the spell. The spell’s silence declines linearly to nothing over the course of 12d6+6d3+3 minutes, an average of 57 minutes, a 90% chance of being over 48 minutes. If the spell is well placed near the dragon’s head, it will silence it absolutely for about 30 minutes on average. Chances are high that the average falls around this duration, creating a very long lasting pool of silence in the area.

The spell costs 332 SP, which is a lot, but what do you expect of a spell that lasts half an hour or so with significant effect? If you’re trying to keep a large area silent, maybe to hide a mounted military unit and their mounts for the night, it would be useful. It takes a while to cast, but it lasts a long time, so no sweat there: 15.8 seconds for a left handed caster with no agility and 15 dexterity.

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system?  Something else involving silence?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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