Sumak: The Sinister Dark

Sumak, South of Lyseria and West of Glenmark, borders on the Dlina Desolation. In fact, Sumak’s royal family claims to be descended from the ancient emperors of Dlina itself. Given their cruel management of the nation, this claim is little doubted, and certainly not openly within the nation.
Sumak The dark nation avoids open aggression with its neighbors, more so since the founding of Lyseria, which forced to it would crush them. Even so, they are frowned upon for the squalor in which most of their population lives while their rulers prosper. They are further disliked for tolerating, if not supporting, the slavers in the Dlina Desert and the orcs to the North and East. Glenmark would push harder against the orc warlords if Sumak did not claim it was a threat to their territory.

Sumak’s principle port, Thailman, is often used as a refuge by pirates, the farthest North they venture from the Fiefen Sea. Sumak uses it for trade, but few other ships make port there.

Gemin, the capital, has a small wealthy sector where the royal family and other aristocrats live, but the massive city is otherwise a cesspit. Their poor sector is massive and crime reigns. The wealth of the aristocrats is rumored to stem from slaves working the nearby salt and coal mines.

Central Sumak is poor farmland and the hundreds of thousands of surfs compelled to work it live short and desolate lives, seeing most of their crops carried away to feed the ruling class while they struggle to survive.

The jungles claimed as part of Sumak on their southern coast are untamed and all but impenetrable. The rough terrain sees a few explorers and adventurers, but it is rarely traveled even by them. Hundreds of servants are lost each year collecting fruit for Gemin’s aristocrats.

Brass Dragons inhabit the northeastern forest and Sumak is among the foremost bribing them to their side.

Would you as a player like to adventure in Sumak? As a Master Weaver would you use them as a principal villain? How would they drive the story? Let us know in the comments below.


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