Ability Tuesday-Play Instrument/Sing


So a rose sprouts up from bloody earth,
For that you cannot blame it.
Don’t judge it for its place of birth,
For other’s crimes don’t shame it.
It may be as lovely as the rest
Upon its blood stained plain,
Even more, be the best,
This rose that mourns those slain.
From out of death
This new life
Does greet the judging world.
The rose born out of strife
Can take away man’s breath,
Bring warmth to them that are cold.
That rose understands such pain,
Knows war is no jest.
With its memory man can gain
A burning in his chest.
Do not try to take and tame it.
Do not cease from joy and mirth.
For in your memory do frame it,
Keeping warm with family and hearth.
Let the beauty of the blood rose give both warning and joy.
Do not let the threat of death e’er thy heart annoy.


Play Instrument/Sing includes any performance ability. When the performer plays, sings, or otherwise performs for the party, they gain a long lasting morale bonus from the invigorating performance. This bonus increases with level. Performance arts don’t make a huge difference in combat, but they can help to boost the party’s morale on long, grueling journeys to keep moving day after day. A little extra morale can also help when a fight gets long and fatigue sets in. A little song before a battle can give your combatants the edge they need. Examples of characters and creatures with Play Instrument/Sing in their build:

  • Magus Lilt-This Saytr Bard is 100% a support character, daily morale boosts are only a small part of his arsenal.
  • Lysle Hittite-This tavern bard at the Rusty Tankard is always in a good mood, getting to play every night. He might give a little boost to travelers coming through too. It bet he takes requests, if you behave.
  • Fordi and Filmen Deeger-These Halfling twins both play, I bet the GM would give a little bonus to the ability when they perform together.
  • Brass Dragons-These dragons mostly sing for their own benefit, but they might be bought off to sing your army to sleep every night at the right price.

Halflings, Satyrs, and Bards inherently learn Play Instrument/Sing, but it is also common as a backstory or cross-class ability. It is a prerequisite for Battle Song.

Is Play Instrument/Sing a color ability you might use minor abilities for? Comment below to let us know.

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