Divine Artifact-Assault Armor

AssualtArmorHrug gritted his teeth as he charged the enemy ranks, alone. He knew well what was coming, but it was his place as the High Priest of Grethgan to lead the charge thus.

His armor was red, filigree reflecting the sun like fire dancing across the plate mail. It was higher quality than any other in the orc ranks, higher quality even than the plate mail worn by the elven warriors before him.

Tensing up on his massive axe, he swung as he crashed into the pristine ranks. His blow cleaved through two elves, but he was answered by a dozen blows.

As the fine swords glanced off Hrug’s armor, flames began to grow out from him, bursting forth in devastating tongues.

The elves continued to strike him, but soon the flames had cleared an area around him. He cried out in pain as the heat burned him, rushing after the now scattering elves.

Assault Armor

Grethgan’s Assault Armor is given to faithful individuals and communities serving Grethgan. Only the maddest of warriors would wear this armor in their regular dealings, but often Grethgan worshiping communities will assign a warrior to wear it as their representative into battle.

Assault Armor is high quality adamantite plate mail with 10 Blunt armor, 8 Pierce armor, and 36 Cut armor. All damage prevented by the armor goes into a pool of fire energy. On the wearer’s turn, the energy in the pool is converted 1:1 into fire damage with an area of effect as with 3 Chaos (Indirect) fingers. At the end of the turn, the pool is cut in half or looses 0.01 damage, whichever is a greater reduction. The Assualt Armor can continue to be comfortably warm for minutes after battle.

This fire also affects the wearer, but the Assualt Armor grants him 36 fire resistance for a 75% reduction in fire damage. That means everything 10 feet or closer is taking at least as much damage as the wearer. Even so, it is a sacrifice to wear it.

Would you be willing to wear assault armor? Do you think the benefit of damage is worth the cost of taking fire damage that belies a large portion of the benefit normal armor would have?

Mind Weave Divine Artifacts are very different than enchanted items. They can do a much wider range of things. Any you would like to see? Comment below and let us know!

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