Character Thursday-Soldergna (Human Necromancer NPC)

Now for the Necromancer ruling over Rogin’s Tower and threatening Val Kydnt. A powerful NPC who could prove a mighty encounter even as characters reach higher levels.

SoldergnaBackstory and Levels 1-5

Soldergna was left on a temple door step, apparently without much attention to which temple. She was raised by the priestesses of Tryseana, steeped in the malice and passion of their ways. The malice she received well, but she grew up cold and calculated. She excelled in her studies and was soon raising undead for the purposes of the temple. Tryseana favored her greatly, but she soon realized that that favor would draw the attention of the priestesses, and not to her benefit. They all served Tryseana, but that did not mean they were on the same side.

Soldergna fled the temple, keeping her undead close around her to keep her safe out in the world of light. She had never been beyond the halls of blood and death where she was raised. She traveled now, to the North, careful not to be seen. Tryseana had work for her to do. She would be her liaison to Chitalin’s followers in the White Mountains. A war of gods was coming, and each would do well to have spies among the other’s pawns.

Levels 6-20

Working with the Rephiam and Chitalin’s forces, Soldergna grew in power. She expanded her undead army from among the dead of the villages they raided. They expanded their territory quietly, positioning themselves to crush the strongholds of good too rapidly for their leaders to respond. She was sent to Mount Durn, to harry Val Kydnt and stop the Order of the Blazing Sword from rising against the Rephiam as their founder once had. Tryseana assigned her another duty. She was to claim Gamilzeag, the greatest hope of good, that it might become a flame for evil rather than good.

Strength: 8, Constitution: 17, Dexterity: 16,

Wisdom: 20, Intelligence: 40, Charisma: 10

Abilities: Animate Dead XIII, Spell Casting XIV, Prayer X, Extend Encharge X, Encharge Mastery VII, Command Undead IV, Bless IV, Arcane Knowledge II, Sense Death V, Sense Alignment I, Stealth Magic I, Call Undead I

Skills: Will X

Like Guire Herrick, Soldergna’s main limit on horde size is Spell Points. She can have up to 1000 undead, but she has only 4000 SP. She can animate a zombie for 0.77 SP, more than 9 zombies for 7 SP. Unlike Guire, she has quite a lot of casting power, and so would like to keep some SP for casting. More important, she can keep up to 10 extended encharges at any time, each with up to 26 DoP, doubled by her bonus DoP. If she can spare the SP, that’s 10 very powerful spells on her person usable at a moment’s notice. At ‘in’ size, these would only cost about 250 SP to maintain, but would cut significantly into the maximum size of her horde if she can find sufficiently powerful dead to raise.

Spell Points not bound to undead or extended encharges she would use for blessing the weapons of undead or casting spells in battle. She would cast mainly support spells, since she’s a slow caster.

Her levels in Prayer and her favor with Tryseana also grant her significant power, when the situation is right.

As a Master Weaver, how would you have Soldergna use her undead horde? What would you have as her extended encharges when the party arrives? As a player, how would you fight her? Let us know in the comments below.  

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