World Building Wednesday-The Necromancer’s Entrenchment

SignPostWest of Val Kydnt and reachable from Dalifan by way of the old road through Magusville is a territory now infested with undead and ruled my the necromancer living in Rogin’s Tower. With a contingent of undead in Magusville and bandits frequenting that road, she faces no threat from the South and focuses her forces in a press against the Order of the Blazing Sword to the East. Cut off from all of their allies, the order in Val Kydnt can only conclude that she is a part of some larger movement, but until they have eliminated her as a threat, there is nothing they can do to aide their allies or investigate their plight.NecromancerFront

Though the Necromancer, Soldergna, personally occupies the ancient tower, built by giants long ago, her undead and orc forces have three other entrenchments in the area, two of them forward staging points against Val Kydnt and the third overseeing the road to the tower.

Soldergna has at her disposal up to 50 orc grunts at any time in addition to her undead horde. Her second in command is a half-orc monk who serves her out of gratitude for rescuing her as a baby and raising her.

Soldergna keeps the pressure on Val Kydnt with frequent undead raids and orcs stalking their hunters in the woods. She is very careful not to over extend herself, for fear the order will become emboldened and make an attack on her massive tower.

As a player, would you help Val Kydnt and the Order of the Blazing Sword defeat the necromancer? How would you go about fighting her massive forces? As a Master Weaver, how would you use this foe? Let us know below.

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