Rogin’s Tower

Built by the Rephiam aristocrat and carouser Rogin, this massive tower has several meeting rooms tens of thousands of square feet in area, dozens of bed chambers thousands of square feet in area, and a lopsided tower peak where his room was. It’s great hall, once used for Rephiam balls, is hundreds of thousands of square feet in area. The smaller chambers, just under 2000 square feet, were quarters for mere giant house servants. The cieilings are all over 40 feet tall.Rogin'sTower

After Rogin was defeated by Lirmenieth and the Order of the Blazing Sword was founded, his tower lay empty, cold, and drafty for hundreds of years. Now, a necromancer occupies it as her stronghold in a struggle against Val Kydnt. It is now full of undead with a few orcs living uneasily apart from the rest. Soldergna lives in Rogin’s old room, overlooking the surrounding woods and Val Kydnt.

Rogin’s tower makes for an interesting battle venue with wide spaces, but indoors, as well as high ceilings where a flying combatant can take advantage of flight, but not enough to completely escape danger. With a lot of housing for undead troops, including their necromancer mistress, the fight can last long, requiring mages to manage their Spell Points more than usual, and even pushing fighters into a situation where they care about fatigue penalties. It might be a good idea for a party to go in with backup.

How would you assault Rogin’s tower as a player? How would you handle the encounters as a GM? Let us know in the comments below.

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