Abilit:y Tuesday-Climb

ClimbThe climb ability enhances the character’s ability to climb. While characters can by default climb things like ladders, portcullises, and moderately sloped rock faces, levels in climb improve the character’s ability to climb so he can climb faster, climb more difficult surfaces, and climb under adverse conditions. Climb is a useful ability for characters that rely on mobility and stealth in their build.

It is often useful to have at least one party member with climb so he can climb ahead and take a foothold while other companions climb carefully or climb ahead and assist the others with tie downs and ropes. It’s a situational help, but it opens completely new avenues that would be unavailable without a climber in the party.

Here are some examples of characters and creatures who use the Climb ability:

  • Illidss Karamas: A lizardfolk assassin who relies on ranged sneak strikes for killing targets. He uses climb to get up to good points from which to attack.
  • Shvael: Shvael gets paid the big bucks for taking down important targets. Climb is vital to his ability to get to people in tough to reach places and get out safely.
  • Gilick Arux: Climb is part of an ensemble of abilities for Gilick that make him capable of getting in position for leaping backstabs on unsuspecting foes.
  • Mika Daktu: While all Kobolds get one level in Climb, Mika gets a couple more to help her get into position to perform her job as a sniper.
  • Milius Crem: This merchant/pirate uses climb to stay in the rigging and sneak around town unnoticed.
  • Exhumer: These digging undead use climb primarily to climb as they dig vertical tunnels or to get in and out of their old tunnels.
  • Seeper: These cave dwellers rely on ambush from above, so the ability to climb any surface, including overhangs, is vital to their strategy.
  • Gargoyle: Since they glide instead of flying, Gargoyles use climb to scale their way back to the altitude.

Climb is a minor ability common as a backstory ability and to all Kobolds.  It can be learned naturally by Druids, Monks, Thieves, Assassins, Rangers, and Rogues.

Is your character the type of person who would use climb?  What kinds of situations would it be useful in? Comment below to let us know.

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