Monster Monday-Seeper

SeeperDirk had it on good authority that this cave had not been thoroughly explored, and he expected there had to be a reason a cave so close to the town was not cleared and mapped.

At any rate, he’d be the one to find whatever there was to be found. It would be his break as an adventurer.

As he walked, he looked curiously at the odd holes in the ceiling. All the same shape, the figured they must be some kind of burrow. Whatever was in them couldn’t be too dangerous, he’d just keep an eye on the holes.

Yup nothing going on in those ho—

“Ahh!” Dirk cried as a hole opened right above him. He had to time to react to the blob falling on his face. His muffled screams went unheard as the acid burned his face away and a second blob latched onto his shoulder.

Another digging creature for the What’s in the Hole? Blog Carnival.


Health Points: 2d6

Spell Points: None

Attack: 1d6 acid damage + 1d6 per turn of prior immobile excretion (up to 6d6 total) per turn. While having the upper hand in grapple it stays latched on. It also squeezes with its powerful body for minor damage as a normal grappler.

Strength: 20 (grapple), 1/2 (crush), 1/4 (jump)

Speed: 12

Digging Speed: 6 cubic feet per second, a Seeper-sized tunnel at 6 feet per second.

Armor: 4 0 0

Special: Jump XI (weight: 10 lbs, maximum height: 7.5 feet, jump speed: 36 after movement, 24 from stand still), Climb XX, Grab II

Description: Seepers dwell in in the dank dark. They are swift for crawling creatures and are able to excrete acid for digging tunnels at any inclination, supported by their unipod. They prefer to hunt large prey by sleeping in small tunnels with an inch or less of stone between them and a frequently trafficked open cave below. When one hears the prey coming, it begins excreting acid. If its timing is right, it lands on the prey with acid built up and burns it quickly, latching on until it dies. In a pinch they will subsist on small prey obtained using their swift pouncing skills.

Seepers are adept climbers, able to climb most any surface at remarkable speed. They can leap high and long, in combat jumping onto the enemy’s head or body and latching on with a grapple while excreting acid. They frequently act in packs in order to bring down large enemies.

Seeper acid is sought after for it’s powerful corrosive properties. Adventurers carrying the glass vials needed to harvest it could sell it for as much as 100 gold coins an ounce if they can find an academy or alchemist willing to buy it.

As a player, how would you react to a sudden attack from above? As a Master Weaver, would you use such an ambush and encounter? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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2 Responses to Monster Monday-Seeper

  1. Greg says:

    I know I found this kind of late, but I have been recently rebuilding slimes and acid creatures for my homebrew; and this little critter is a well-designed predator; using acid and skills efficiently, JUST LIKE REAL PREDATORS. Awesome!

  2. jameseck says:

    Thanks, I was definitely proud of them at the time. Glad you liked them.

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