Progress Update-Looking Back

And now for another review category. How about a look at some the best old stuff:

  • The Rotating Labyrinth: This blog’s only claim to fame, the Rotating Labyrinth is the coolest thing I’ve ever made. Still looking to do more with it.
  • Virtual Table Tops: I discuss virtual table tops versus in person table tops and how I hope to get the best of both worlds with Mind Weave.
  • Motivation in Games: I discuss how creating a character’s motivation can make video games better, and how it makes Table Top RPGs worth playing.
  • Why the Undead: The undead come in many varieties. They can either be guiltless kills or a tramatic experience. It makes the versatile.
  • 3 Tips to Produce 9001 Lines of Working Code: I was pretty excited when I had this much code written. The tips are still good, and it’s fun to see how far I’ve come.
  • Magic Video Series 1: The Philosophy and Goals: This is the first and most important in the magic video series. I recommend basing whether or not to watch the rest on this one.

Hope you enjoyed this look at the best. Soon there will be better things to replace them. Keep an eye out!

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