Encounter: Talik Capbane vs Glud Alumb

I’ve been mentioning this battle for a while and it’s finally time to get down to it. Talik Capbane, a Goblin warrior behind Livecap lines, finally manages to get their leader, Glud Alumb, alone. With Talik more optimized and Glud four levels higher, I’m not sure how this fight will turn out. By the standard calculation, Glud is an encounter and a half for Talik, but if I had to bet on this, I’d guess she walks way with 15 XP.

Round 0: Talik: 187 HP  Glud Alumb: 241.5 HP. Talik walks into the Cap Hunter hovel Glud is using as a base of operations and forward home. His generals have left him alone, for the moment; they have pressed the Goblins too far to be concerned. He sees her entering and they roll turn order on 1d24. Glud wins with 17 over 12.

Round 1: Talik: 187 HP  Glud Alumb: 241.5 HP. Glud draws his Natural Weapon sword, which he hasn’t bothered to bless, and takes a step back. He’d like to cast a swift fireball, but his left hand is too slow to do it in the half turn he has left. Instead, he blesses his weapon for significant poison damage and an extra +1 To-Hit.

Talik’s weapon is already drawn. She charges, kick with 3.5*(3d6) To-Hit, rolling 13 for 45.5, a solid crit! Glud attempts to parry with 2.8*(3d6)+10, rolling 8 for 32.4. Talik’s kick lands for 1.8*2*(1d6+4) damage and a 28% chance of knocking Glud off-balance. She rolls 1+4=5 for 18 damage, but not knocking Glud off-balance. She then chops with the two-handed sword with 3.5*(3d6)+11 To-Hit, rolling 15 for 63.5, critting again. Glud dodges against 18 twice with 1.7*(3d6) and 1.7*(3d6)-10, rolling 13 and 18 for 22.1 and 20.6, an excellent dodge. He really dodged a bullet there.

Round 2Talik: 187 HP  Glud Alumb: 223.5 HP. “I’ve been expecting you, goblin,” Glud sneers, attacking with his sword and intending to cast a death burst with his left hand. His attack gets 2.8*(3d6)+10=43.6 with a roll of 12 and Talik parries with 3.5*(3d6)+11=49.5 with a roll of 11. Talik is so much stronger than Glud two-handed, she not only reduces the damage to 0, but also almost automatically off-balances him with a ~237% damage reduction; he has a  37% chance of being knocked prone. He’s knocked down on a roll of 24. He never gets the chance to start his spell.

And she’s just getting started. She kicks the prone Glud who attempts to parry 3.5*(3d6=14) VS 2.8*(3d6=13)+10-10 or 49 VS 36.4. Glud takes 1.8*2*(1d6+4)=18 damage, but he’s already prone. She follows up with an eight fire arc spell that includes an attack “Ki Juo!”  She hits with a 3.5*(3d6=7)+11=35.5 and Glud attempts to dodge (since he can’t fall if he critically fumbles) with 1.7*(3d6=14)-20=3.8. Glud takes a heavy it at 2.7*(2d6=3)+13=21.1 physical damage and 16d6=25 fire damage.

Round 3Talik: 187 HP  Glud Alumb: 159.4 HP. Glud can either attack from the ground with a very limited reach and penalties, or he can offer himself for reflexive attacks as he either rises or casts a spell from the ground. He chooses to rise and get back in the fight. Talik’s reflexive attack hits with 3.5*(3d6=7)+11=35.5 dealing 2.7*(2d6=7)+13=31.9 damage. Glud attacks again with 2.8*(3d6=11)+10 VS 3.5*(3d6=8)+11 for 40.8 VS 39. It’s a critical hit and Talik misses the parry. Glud deals 2*(1.1*(1d10=1)+22)=46.2 and Talik begins taking poison damage from Xylank’s blessing, 2 damage a turn for 1d3=1 turn.

Talik takes 2 damage from the poison, then kicks again with Glud parrying with 3.5*(3d6=8) VS 2.8*(3d6=9)+10 or 28 VS 34.3. Glud makes the parry, cutting Talik for 1.1*(1d10=5)+22=27.5 and poisoning her again for 1 turn. She casts another 8 arc fire spell “Ki Juo,” swinging for him with 3.5*(3d6=11)+11=49.5. Not wanting his natural weapon immolated by the powerful flame attack, Glud attempts again to dodge with 1.7*(3d6=12) and 1.7*(3d6=14)-10 for 20.4 and 13.8, taking the critical hit for half damage: 0.5*2*(2.7*(2d6=10)+13)=40 cutting damage and (16d6=31) fire damage.

Round 4Talik: 111.3 HP  Glud Alumb: 88.4 HP. Glud knows he’s in a tough spot. This little goblin is hitting too hard and fast for help to make it in time—even if he delays and retreats—but he might be able to finish her with an all out assault. He steps in, leading with a Touch of Death for a potential 36 damage. He rolls 13 for 36.4 to touch and Talik parries with 3.5*(3d6=10)+11=46, getting a critical hit on the parry and dealing 2*(2.7*(2d6=9)+13)=74.6 damage and severing the hand. Glud keeps his composure, he knows she’ll cut him down if he casts a spell, and he knows his Lay on Hands wouldn’t heal him enough to get away, and he’d have to drop his sword. He chooses to attack, hoping to finish her, or at least wound her enough for his guards to finish. The attack and the parry go 2.8*(3d6=15)+10 VS 3.5*(3d6=12)+11 or 52 VS 53, with Talik barely making the parry. Glud is off-balanced with a 12% chance of being knocked prone again.

He stays on his feet, but Talik presses her advantage. She takes another 2 damage from poison, and her leg was wounded seriously enough by Glud’s parry that she takes a major penalty to morale for resignation checks when kicking or running. Glud probably could have outrun her after that wound, but at that time he felt like his chances were improving. He had just dealt solid damage, she was unable to kick, and he hadn’t lost his hand. Now he might not get the chance to run. Talik attacks with 3.5*(3d6=10)+11 VS 2.8*(3d6=14)+10 or 46 VS 49.2. His parry succeeds, but only in reducing the damage by 41.37% (as well as removing it’s critical hit status). He still takes 0.5863*(2.7*(2d6=7)+13)=18.7. He’s knocked unconscious.

Round 5Talik: 109.3 HP  Glud Alumb: -4.9 HP. With Glud unconscious some 10 seconds after she burst into the room, Talik still has time before response forces arrive. She needs to 1) make sure Glud can’t be easily resurrected and 2) heal herself so she can make a run for it or fight her way out. She begins to cast a long fire spell, “On Ki,” for 18 fire arcs with 2*(36d6) fire damage, cast over 4 seconds. It deals 274 fire damage, torching the body to total ash, making Glud very hard to bring back. In another two second she casts an 8 des arc healing spell, “On De Grai,” for 2*(8d6)=64, curing her limp and bringing her back up to almost top shape, if exhausted. She sheaths her sword and in another few seconds casts an 8 second haste spell and books it out of there, only 20 seconds after she came in.

Thus falls Glud Alumb, leader of the Tealmüt Livecaps and High Priest of Xylank for more than 1000 years. He lived to preserve the peace of his people, but pressed into religious war, he conceded. He knew war would bring suffering to his people, but he never expected to fall before a godless goblin. Talik Capbane lives on to lead her people and reclaim their territory in Pliinreuk. She will push back the spread of disease.

Did you like seeing a fight? Too long? Too unbalanced? Let us know in the comments below!

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