Divine Artifact-Sailing Crop

 SailingCrop“How is he still catching up with us? I wonder if he’se using the same wind we are using.”

“I thought you were the best sailor east of Stelmeny.”

“I am, we are using all of the wind there is.”

“So his boat is better?”

“Not a chance. Only Hemlin himself could sail that boat faster than this one, and maybe not even he.”

Sailing Crop

The Sailing Crop is a gift bestowed by Glaineth on her favored sea-faring worshipers. The crop can be used to goad ships to greater speed by using it in much the same way a rider uses a riding crop. By swinging it in the general direction of the sail, the user increases the tail wind speed of the boat by 10 mph, the effect declining by 1 mph per second thereafter. It can be swung at a rate of once per second, tiring as if swinging an weapon of it’s weight. Thus the maximum additional wind speed reachable by the Sailing Crop is 55 mph, swinging every second. Sustaining this speed can be very taxing.

Would you worship Glaineth to get one of these in a sailing campaign? Would you use it as a team or just have one cropper? What situations would it be useful for?

Mind Weave Divine Artifacts are very different than enchanted items. They can do a much wider range of things. Any you would like to see? Comment below and let us know!

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