Crystal Hold: Dwarven Complex

Well, here’s a completely different kind of hole than natural, goblin infested Pliinreuk Cavern for this month’s Blog Carnival: What’s in the Hole?

Crystal Hold is a dwarven city with a strong focus on mining. Their mines, refineries, smithies, and jewelers turn out extremely fine wares in surplus which they then trade for the food they need above and beyond what they produce themselves in their mushroom fields.
CrystalHoldThe front chambers of the Crystal Hold are focused on defense, but they are also equipped to welcome guests and imported goods, as well as export their own goods without compromising security.

Further back, the commercial district is surrounded by mines which feed the refineries and then the black smiths and jewelers. Many of the smiths, refiners, jewelers, and clothers live in their shops, using two deep wells in the causeway for water and dumping their waste in the pit in the same causeway.

The miners, however, live in the level above, along with the government workers and farmers. They general live in individual or couple chambers in very austere and minimalist circumstances.

Their mushroom fields are cultivated in humid caves created with dwarven carved waterfalls and rivers in them. The river rejoins its natural course on its way to the outside, but not before the dwarves have installed sluice gates with which to feed the groundwater wells used by the level below.

The sewage fills a massive septic chamber below everything that is monitored by the waste management branch of the government. It drains into mine shafts that have been mined out or penetrated by goblins and so far they have had no trouble with backups.

I’ve built in a lot of interesting ways to sneak around the hold. How would you infiltrate this dwarven city as a player? Why would you want to? How would you use this hold as a Master Weaver? Let us know in the comments below.

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