Ability Tuesday-Disguise

Disguise has one of two functions: to disguise the target’s own identity or to make the target look like a specific different person. It takes several minutes to make a disguise, but a voice can be disguised instantaneously.

At low levels, only a slightly above average perception check is needed to see through a disguise and recognize the disguised person, and a below average perception check can be enough to see through someone trying to look like someone else. As the character takes more levels in disguise, he gets better at deceiving observers.

Here are some examples of characters and creatures who use the Disguise ability:

  • Mildrik Gillenshrig-This gnome illusionist focuses on deception, disguise is just a part of his arsenal.
  • Fredrick Hymun-He picks up Disguise from his backstory as a musician and pick pocket in a acting troupe fronting for thievery.
  • Choronzon-These devils use their 12 levels in Disguise to appear human, to infiltrate both mortal and devilish societies.
  • Bronze Dragons-These dragons can take on animal forms, but can still be recognized as Bronze Dragons if you see through the disguise.
  • Slimecaps-These sinister hunting fungoids can disguise themselves as other fungoids to avoid detection.

Disguise is a minor ability common as a backstory ability.  It can be learned naturally by Assassins, Bards, Illusionists, and Rogues.

Is your character the type of person who would want to be able to hide his alignment?  Why? Comment below to let us know.

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