Divine Artifact-Sand Drinker

SandDrinker“Guide! Guide,” Darus trotted, sweating, up to their guide. The heat and sand was taking its toll on him. “When do we reach the oasis?”


Darus’ voice cracked in his dry throat. “You didn’t pack water and our supply is gone, surely an oasis is coming.”

“Not in the Dlina Desert, sir. If you like, I can refill your canteens with my water. Five gold coins a canteen.”

“Five?! That’s robbery!”

“We can turn back and hope you can stand the thirst until we reach the city again. You’d have to buy beasts to carry water.”

“We’ll buy three canteens of water, but we turn back now.”

Sand Drinker

A fairly common gift from Resadin to his loyal followers who frequent the desert. A Sand Drinker is at first glance a tarnished brass cruse. When filled with sand, it can covert it to pure water as it is poured out. In a day, it can convert as much as 80 gallons of sand into 80 gallons of water. Each filling of the Sand Drinker produces 1 quart of water. It takes about a minute to fill and pour out, assuming abundant sand.

With Resadin’s followers preferring to work in the desert, this source of water is a phenomenal boon. It functions at Resadin’s behest and he can revoke its powers at will.

Would you be willing to be beholden to Resadin to have this water source in the desert? 80 gallons of water can supply about 20 people doing hard work for 6 hours a day.  Would you trust it to supply that many people in a desert campaign?

Mind Weave Divine Artifacts are very different than enchanted items. They can do a much wider range of things. Any you would like to see? Comment below and let us know!

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