Character Thursday-Mik Puyroo (Ospryte Magic-user PC)

Here’s a PC with a reason to end up with a party when he comes from a different background. Osprytes have one inherent advantage: flight. I build this one as a raw mage, lots of Spell Points and casting options, ready to rain magic from above. I start him with the healing spell book.


Mik Puyroo was part of the Ereet Ospryte tribe in the Northern Veil Mountains. He was apprenticed to the tribe’s shaman at a young age when his genius was recognized. Though he learned the naturalism and medicine his master taught him, he especially took to magic. At first he excelled at healing magic and the tribe loved him for it. They even praised his ability to empower others and himself. But as he began to dabble in lightning, they became concerned. It was unnatural, it was dangerous. He was careful, but with time the power got to him. The magic just came naturally. When he began to add fury to storms, it was too much for them. He assured them that in time he would learn to reduce storms, but they would have none of it. They cast him out. He wandered a short time before descending into Alfoli, seeking companionship.

Levels 1-5:

Mik found companions quickly. A small group was seeking a guide to seek treasure in the Veil Mountains when he arrived in the small town of Lusk. Awe struck at the warm reception he received, Mik agreed to help them explore the mountains. They could not have dreamed of such luck. Though he’d only seen the territory they were bound for in passing at best, his ability to fly in order to scout ahead made him invaluable, and his healing helped them through a number of scrapes. As his weather and battle magic improved, he became indispensable.

Strength: 6, Constitution: 10, Dexterity: 18,

Wisdom: 18, Intelligence: 24, Charisma: 8

Abilities: Spell Casting VI, Natural Empathy VMagical Intuition I, Tend Wounds I, Employ Poison I

Skills: Second Hand IV

Mik can cast fingers with decent speed on either hand, so in tight spots he can get some good swift spells off, and still almost double them with his bonus DoP from Spell Casting. In most fights, he’ll probably be flying. This means he’ll need to use slow arcs to build up enough range to reach the fight. He’ll get more bonus DoP this way, but his spells will be long, taking several turns. They’ll be easier to time if he focuses on buffing party members rather than getting an attack spell off just as he swoops in over an enemy.

Mik is most useful for his support outside of combat. He can help ensure fair weather, heal the wounded, and sense changes in nature. Add to this his ability to fly and he serves as both healer and scout. He’s pretty well rounded, with his major limitations being his fragility and his low carrying capacity.

Would you play a character like this? What do you like about him? Any changes you’d make? Let us know in the comments below.  

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