Character Thursday-Hooblah Gooblah (Goblin Thief PC)

Here’s a character my 14 year-old sister built for one of the test campaigns. Hooblah Gooblah’s abilities have been very useful for dungeons, particularly the Rotating Labyrinth. I also think how she defined her character arc is awesome and has inspired story elements.

Backstory and Levels 1-4:

Hooblah Gooblah worked as a dung piler. He had no money, so on his free time he learned to be a thief and take what he needs to survive. No one is attracted to him because of his terrible job and his embarrassing name. He is on this journey in order to find his true love, a new job, and a new name.

Levels 5 and 6

After escaping the Pliinreuk Caverns, Hooblah Gooblah stayed near the road, looking for welcoming people. When a beautiful, exiled elven princess passed on the road, he pursued her, despite weak protestations. As they traveled North, they met Bofran Crystalbeard heading South. He solicited them to join him and together they headed toward the Rotating Labyrinth, joining up with a pair of curious lizardfolk on the way. Hooblah Gooblah gained confidence as she proved useful in the maze and began to dream of heroic names as he acquired magical items along the way.

Upon leaving the maze, the princess left the party to return to her home. Hooblah Gooblah let her go, confident enough now to recognize that pursuit as hopeless. He continues to travel with the group, exploring the historical landmarks associated with the Rotating Labyrinth as clues of greater evil arise.

Strength: 12, Constitution: 12, Dexterity: 18,

Wisdom: 20, Intelligence: 18, Charisma: 12

Abilities: Sneak Strike III, Double Jump II, Infiltrator’s Intuition II, Incapacitate II, Pick Pocket II, Pick Lock II, Disarm Traps II, Hide II, Direction Sense II, Haggle I

Skills: Stealth III, Perception III, Agility I

Hooblah Gooblah isn’t an optimized character at all. My sister insisted on adding points to wisdom, though with no spell casting or SP using abilities, it does little to help on a mechanical level. She roleplays the wisdom, so from a roleplaying perspective it is good and I give her some insights now and then. She’s just not a power character.

Even so, Hooblah Gooblah is a useful dungeon crawler with the ability to notice things, open doors and chests, and remember where they’ve been, not to mention being able to take point and take back missteps with Infiltrator’s Intuition.

The fact that she defines her characters goals (if simple) in her backstory makes it easy to build the campaign to satisfy Hooblah Gooblah’s character arc. The magical items I’ve given him are flashy, and I have some nicknames in mind as he becomes better known. I also intend Talik Capbane as a love interest for him, if I can ever get the party into those caverns.

Would you play a character like Hooblah Gooblah? How might you define a character arc in your backstory? How willing are you to oblige such character arcs as a GM? Let us know in the comments below.  

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