The Dlina Desolation

Now sometimes referred to collectively as the Dlina Desolation, the Dlina Desert and Veil Mountains (called the Almua Mountains by some in Alfoli and Reigzen) were once tamed and fought over by two great empires. The Dlina Empire thrived in the desert, a purely human empire with powerful technologies and magic worshiping Resadin, the Scorpion God. The Almuan Empire represented the pinnacle of interracial cooperation and a hope for peace. Their magic was advanced and powerful and many magical artifacts born from their enterprise are still bright, if mostly lost to the world. These empires stood in the time of Keriel and outlived it, along with Tripik and the Calldinkel gnomes. They were at their height when Alfoli began to emerge as a fledgling nation. They both fell when the Dragon War took them in their pride.
DlinaDesolationAs the Dragon War stretched on, the largest cities in the Dlina and Almuan Empires became beacons for greedy dragons due to their wealth, well beyond anything else in Trethal at the time. The dragons fought amongst themselves for the great hoards and soon the largest had claimed them. Ancient and mighty dragons still live in the ruins of the largest cities: Almua, Teral, Verica, Prizer, Vainga, and Karda. Dlina itself was in already in danger of disaster when the war began, it’s underground reservoirs beneath the city too large. When dragons landed in fury in the city, it was too much for the sagging supports to handle. The whole city sunk, leaving a great lake to this day in the middle of the desert.

While Reigzen grew out of the remains of the Almuan Empire and many of her ancient towns remain populated as part of either Reigzen or Alfoli, Dlina’s people could not subsist in the desert when their technology was lost. Abandoned cities, towns, and villages line the base of the Veil Mountains on the desert side, ruins filled with sand, perched upon the rocks. The ruins of a few cities and towns remain deep in the desert, but most have been buried in the shifting sands.

And up in the Veil Mountains, the forts and mining towns could have remained, but the mountains became one of the dragon refuges as the dragons lost the dragon war. Had they not continued fighting each other through the dragon war, the Dlina and Almuan forces there might have resisted the dragons in a combined effort. Young dragons still frequent their ruined forts, castles, and towns. The mines, caves, and crevices house one of the largest populations of dragons in Trethal, predominantly Bronze Dragons, whose dragon gate lies in the range.

Despite the infestation of dragons, tribal Kobolds, Minotaurs, and Osprytes still live in the Veil Mountains. They live in much the same way they lived before and during the expansion of the Dlina and Almuan Empires. In some sense, the dragons affect their daily lives less than the patrols and troop movements of the warring empires.

Would you as a player seek the treasures left in the Dlina Desolation? As a Master Weaver would you run a campaign there? What would the goal be? Let us know in the comments below.


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