Ability Tuesday-Sensory Extension

Sensory ExtensionTalith grumbled as he descended the low-ceilinged stairs into the darkness. “Damn gnomes,” he cursed as he struck his head again.

“Well damn you right back,” a voice answered.

Talith looked round in surprise. No one stood on the stair. When the voice spoke again he turned toward it, finding himself eye to eye with the pillar itself.

“Not a very bright thief, are you, human?” The pillar’s mouth insulted.

I’ve mentioned this ability before in connection with Gnomes and their police society, as well as in the Mirror Lake story. It’s a unique trick that lets the possessor bind some Spell Points in order to create and remain connected to an extension of his senses, such as an eye, a mouth, an ear, a nose, a tongue, or a patch of skin. These extensions are passive, only sensing, except for the mouth, which can talk, but not cast spells. The extensions also retain the abilities of the creator, for example, echo-location for a gnomish mouth and pair of ears.

Sensory Extension is quite useful for NPCs, but PCs find less use for it in most campaigns, though I currently have an empire building player wanting to learn it cross-class in order to monitor his realm. Here are some example from the blog of characters that use Sensory Extension:

Tylilia Shimba-Mermaid Enchantress and Grand Steward of the Crimson Sea. Her low level makes extensions expensive; she would only use them to spy on people of interest.

Dilgnid Glirinshurd-A Gnome Illusionist living crazed in the woods. His peering eyes would be on trees, perhaps watching his snares.

Like Illusory Casting, Sensory Extension is learned exclusively by Illusionists, and is hard to learn cross-class or from a backstory without direct training from someone with the ability.

Would you go to Illusionist to get this ability?  Want to know what other abilities are exclusive to Illusionists?  Comment below to let us know.

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