Monster Monday-Hellcap

HellcapDaren coughed. There was something strange in the air, but he was accustomed to mushrooms releasing spores.

He didn’t recognize this particular mushroom, but he wasn’t to blame for that. There were few living who did.

The flames engulfed him before he saw the sparks.


Health Points: 4d4

Spell Points: 10, recover 1 per hour

Speed: 0

Armor: 0 0 0

Fire Resistance: 900

Special: Emit Explosive Gas, 1 SP per turn. Each turn of emission adds 1d6 fire damage and one Chaos (Indirect) finger of area of effect when ignited. Does not at all disperse for 5 turns, and after that disperses linearly to 0 over 5 turns. Any flame close enough to the hellcap to take .5 minimum damage ignites the gas. Fatigue when in the gas is multiplied by 1+the minimum damage possible when the gas is ignited at the location.

Special: Spark, just enough of a spark to ignite the gas near the hellcap, costing 2 SP.

Description: Like Slimecaps, Hellcaps are distant relatives of Livecaps and nearly sentient, but with a fiery twist. They thrive on meaty tissue and ashes. Their means of hunting, if eccentric, suits their diet.

When they sense vibrations nearby, Hellcaps begin to emit gas, 8-16 seconds unless they need to spark sooner to burn departing prey. This is enough to down most animals and humanoids, but for larger prey, it is not uncommon for  hellcaps to grow in clusters, with most of the hellcaps using all of their power to emit extra gas while a single hellcap ignites. In this way, they can burn a much larger area for much greater damage.

As a player, would you be keeping your eyes open for these? Would you destroy mushrooms as you go to be safe? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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