Progress Update-Mind Weave Dungeons Are Different

This week we finished a play through on the Forgotten Manor. It’s a dungeon I made for Dungeons and Dragons in High School, apparently while taking a physics class, since it’s full of light refraction puzzles. I never quite finished this 3 story, 3-4 sheets per story, plus extra dimensions dungeon, and I probably never will, since it was mostly superfluous maze sections and random rooms. I might remake it, though, with only the good puzzles, a plausible ending (probably resembling the ending I tacked on it for our test campaign), and features more befitting a Mind Weave dungeon.

ForgottenManor_0004You see, the Mind Weave magic system and some of the abilities make a dungeon like this one pretty easy to break. It was built Zelda style, with keys you needed to collect in order to progress, but upon seeing doors they could open right away, my players proposed having the earth-magic using dwarven cleric of Korgaran use rock destruction magic to get around. He, not wanting to use all his SP on this endeavor, simply destroyed the rock the hinges and lock were moored to and they were able to move on. Don’t worry, I got them back, twice, for not actually going looking for the black key, but it did point out that Mind Weave dungeons need to be treated a little differently.

So, over the next couple of months I’m going to build up several dungeons, maybe even a remake of the Forgotten Manor monstrosity, with attention to how they present a challenge, but a surmountable challenge, to Mind Weave PCs and players.

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