Saturday Spell-Refresh

RefreshAleck’s shoulders had begun to slump. He held his sword a little lower as sweat drenched his brow. He was mostly fighting defensively now, desperately fending off the waves of goblins as he barred the doorway.

Liria, his charge, knew some healing magic, but since Aleck sustained no wounds, she stood behind him, helpless. But seeing the sweat, she had an idea. She began to cast, and as the energy struck him, Aleck stood firm, stepping back onto his toes to drive the goblins back again.

In Mind Weave, advanced Des arcs, and life fingers used with them, can cure fatigue. Other than intention, the spell looks a lot like a healing spell.

Right Hand:

Ra (Good Radius): Life (Full)

Des (Energy Arc): Life (Half)

Des (Energy Arc): Life (Full)

Des (Energy Arc): Life (Half)

Ku (Physical Radius): Life (Full)

saying “de grai”

So with 9d6+4d3+2 fatigue reduction (an average of 41.5%) this spell is enough to bring a fighter from the point of hardly being able to fight back to decent fighting condition. A mage or cleric supporting a fighter could cast this spell repeatedly while the fight goes on. With the spell taking under 8 seconds for most casters, it could easily keep up with the rate of fatigue for an allied fighter or two, or three (or five?). This makes a good spell for support in long fights.

What do you think of resurrection in Mind Weave?  Would you choose the components needed to get resurrection early on? Any spells you’d like to see done in the Mind Weave system? Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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