World Building Wednesday-The Black Shield and the Black Spear


One of the oldest and largest evils still remaining in Trethal is the Black Order with it’s left and right hands, the Black Shield and the Black Spear. Though the Black Order’s composition has changed over time, it’s deistic representative have remained the same: the Conqueress Tryseana and Lord of Blood Malkither.

At its founding millenia ago, the Black Order represented young, up-and-coming deities with covert influence in Keriel. During that time, the Black Shield was mostly human and worked in political circles and in the military ranks. The Black Spear, meanwhile, operated primarily in the shadows with the thieves and assassins of the nation. Their ranks were multiracial with Nekolyns, Lizardfolk, and Orcs. The left hand, in the position of apparent leadership, looked down on those members of the Black Spear and tensions were high, with the Black Spear vying to maintain and increase it’s power in the Order.

When Keriel fell, the Black Shield were deeply involved in riling up the rebels and the Black Spear assassinated key leaders who could have pulled victory from the situation. Though the uprising was a success, they failed to seize power and only captured a small area in the Black Forest and Black Swamp regions North of Alfoli and the Dlina Desert. By this time, Lizardfolk dominated both factions and fighting amongst themselves became more vicious despite the unity of the races.

They tried to expand during the dragon war, but lost more ground than they gained as Archons and Humans formed Lyseria. Now, the two factions are almost directly opposed as the Black Shield infiltrates the Lyserian nobility and the Black Spear is considered a mere tool. They resent it and actively seek to assassinated Black Shield leaders and gain authority.

How might you use the Black Order in a campaign? They could suit a battle campaign or an intrigue one equally well. How might they work into a larger story? Let us know below.

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