Ability Tuesday-Anticipation

AnticipationThe sly Nekolyn warrior had tired Tarin out evading his slow, heavy sword. His magical armor had turned Farad’s daggers as he slipped in blows. Now it was Borick’s turn to leave the flood of smaller foes to the others and go after their leader.

He stepped in, chopping downward, but he knew where the Nekolyn would dodge even before he did. He arced his blow sharply to that side, catching him hard in the chest. The cat’s armor buckled and split. Blood sprayed across the axe blades. A couple more of those and the fight would be over.

Anticipation is an ability that helps a character know how an enemy will dodge a given blow, and compensate to make the hit. It makes it harder for enemies to dodge melee blows by adding +1 to the necessary dodge roll to evade the attack.

Dodging is the most reliable defensive action in Mind Weave. Melee attacks require only a 15 to dodge without anticipation, giving most combatants a good chance of dodging them. Agile dodgers can be especially hard to hit. However, 5 levels in anticipation make melee attacks as hard to dodge as a thrown weapon, and 10 levels make it as hard as a projectile. High level characters who have focused on anticipation can be extremely hard to dodge, especially if their weapon sweeps a large area or attacks more than once a turn.

Examples of characters with Anticipation as a key part of their build:

Thisse Kaldriss (Lizardfolk General)-His attacks are as hard to dodge as arrows, but since he uses a Master’s Whip, the area that must be dodged out of is larger, making it close to impossible.

Malis Harrowdun (Elven Vampire)-Adding anticipation in incredible strength and skill with a sword, Malis makes it very difficult to dodge, parry, or withstand a blow from him when he rushes in.

Thulme Breakbough (Minotaur Fighter)-With a quarter staff as his primary melee weapon and high strength, his rapid, powerful blows are hard to dodge when concentrated on a foe.

Even the generic knight template for NPCs uses some anticipation. It’s just a pretty good ability for melee fighters to consider.

Anticipation probably going to be a commonly used ability. Would you get it? What kind of combat style would you use to maximize its effectiveness? Comment below to let us know.

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