Monster Monday-Lightning Bug

LightningBug“These bugs won’t stop chasing us,” Karug moaned as another shocked him.

“And they’re fast, owe!” Bilz cried as he was struck as well.

“We have to fight them.”

Karug stopped and swung, unsuccessfully, with his massive sword. They were too quick.

Bilz was quicker, a better swordsman, his first stab was more successful and cut a bug in two. He cried out as power surged through him.

Lightning Bug

Hit Points: 2

Spell Points: None

Attack: Touch, 1d8/4 lightning damage

Special Defense: Small Size, -10 To-Hit

Special Defense 2: Charged body, 1d4 damage to striker when struck open handed or with a metal melee weapon. 2d4 damage if killed.

Special Defense 3: Stationary dodges rolled on 3d6.

Special Weakness: All hits count as a critical hit with x2 multiplier.

Lightning Resistance: 100%

Speed: 4

Flight Acceleration/Speed: 28/56

Armor: 0 0 0

Special: Emit 200 lumens of light, slightly less than a torch.

Description: Lightning bugs are very agile fliers. Though they cannot fly as fast as some things over long distances, they can turn on a dime, which is very useful for evading attacks. They travel in swarms and are the bane of town guards when they arrive in a place. They have long been eradicated near large cities and in civilized areas. but in wilderness areas where they still arrive from time to time, mages can make a good living fighting them off or destroying their nests.

Lightning bugs are predatory, eating mostly fresh carrion. Though they mostly settle for animals near their nests, sentient creatures are more likely than other animals to stay in the area knowing they’re around, and tend to be preyed upon fairly often. Even when other animals are available, lightning bugs sometimes stray into towns or onto roads. They become especially vicious when creature come near their nest, attacking in greater numbers.

Scholars are greatly interested in their behavior and powers and will sometimes be willing to purchase captured bugs.

How would you fight a swarm of lightning bugs? What kinds of spells might be useful? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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