Progress Update-Play Testing

Wow, vacation is just never a good time to code. I’ve gotten some thesis writing done, but not as much as I wanted. Tell you what, this week, I’ll really lock down and do more than my minimum coding goal and by this time next week I’ll have something new coded, probably most of the remaining map maker features (see here). I’ll also get a chapter or two of my thesis pounded out and cut my work load a bit.

On the bright side, we’re still clearing up rules, with another play session tomorrow with our larger party. I’ve also had some volunteers who have never played RPGs before ask me to run a game for them. I’m going to run a single session dungeon in the Sleeping God Cave. We’ll see how well the system does with beginners. We’re also looking at some of the more overpowered abilities, to better balance and categorize things. Having fun!

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