Saturday Spell-Assassin Step (Stealth Teleport)


Darus climbed nimbly onto the low roof, pursuing his mark. The in the guild assassins in the guild looked down on him, but he knew things they didn’t. He began casting, eyeing a higher rooftop. With a silent shift he appeared there. He padded to the other end of the roof, he was closing, but a light was on below.

He cast again, appearing on the next rooftop over. He was right on top of him now, he cast again, teleporting in close for the kill. No windows above, mission accomplished. He teleported back onto a roof and moved off into the night.

In my video about the words of spell casting, I mentioned in passing what would happen if you cast a teleport style spell without the gate syllable. With no gate there, the teleport would not be able to move through objects, allowing only line of sight travel.

This isn’t ideal, but in situations where stealth is desired, it may be the only spell safe to cast. As discussed in yesterday’s video, stealth magic spells don’t use the words, so this spell falls under their purview.

The Ros (Travel) radius used with advanced Mastery is enough to add new forms of travel, such as windwalking, flight, and teleportation. Intention is enough to do the rest, at least for the line of sight variety. Power for a teleport spell is in the form of range, obtained from either the wind arc (Oh) or Wind fingers used in the indirect position. In this case, we’ll use both.

Left Hand:

Ros (Travel Radius): Wind (Indirect)

Oh (Wind Arc):

Oh (Wind Arc): Wind (Indirect)

Ros (Travel Radius):

This gives the caster 24 feet of range on the line-of-sight teleport with under 5 seconds of casting time. Unfortunately, stealth magic rules out power syllables as well, so any increase in range requires times. However, with levels in Stealth Magic, bonus DoP could be applied to up to double the range at 4 feet per DoP. That means a shorter (under 3 seconds) spell could be used with 8 feet of range, doubled to 16 feet with only a couple bonus DoP:

Left Hand:

Ros (Travel Radius): Wind (Indirect)

Ros (Travel Radius):

The first spell costs 36 SP and the second costs 22 SP. The first is therefore a technically superior spell in most ways (efficiency, both in time and SP per foot), but the second might be useful for short, frequent jumps. In fact, I suspect the second to see more frequent use.

Any spells you would like to see implemented in the Mind Weave spell system?  Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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