World Building Wednesday-Dimrill

On the Northern Coast of the Ailf Sea, Dimrill, an ally of Alfoli, stands against the evils of the Black Shield and Black Spear. Dimrill is built in the ruins of an ancient power, Keriel, that once dominated the Northern Region from the Jaw Mounts down to the Ailf Sea and out to the East coast and West to include much of the land in the Seven Peak Woods and to the White Mounts, surrounding the territories of the Axelwrought Dwarves and the Calldinkel Gnomes

Dimrill is not so much a nation as a collection of towns and cities built within the partial protection of the ancient walls that once secured the heart of Keriel. Now, with the walls collapsing in many places, the Knights of Dimrill ride to protect the towns. They have gathered a significant force of followers and the protection taxes paid by the residents of the Dimrill vale pay to hire formidable protection forces.

The leaders of the Knights of Dimrill claim the lineage of the ancient kings of Keriel, and they may well be right. Though the barbarians of Frostburg and the surrounding area claim the honor of being descended from these kings, it seems more likely that their ancestors were either tributaries or oppressed second class citizens in Keriel.

When Keriel fell, battles raged for years, pushing in toward the heart of Keriel. Tens of thousands died in the battles and hundreds of thousands died inside the walls when they were breached. All of the battle fields left behind ghosts and the area was all but inhabitable until the Knights of Dimrill rose and began to drive ghosts out of the area. Ghost territories still remain and ghosts sometimes wander out of them, but for the most part, the Dimrill knights have cleared enough area for as many villages as have formed outside the walls.

The Dimrill knights continue to war against the lizardfolk in the Black Forest and Black Swamp to the West. As I write this, I am inclined to expand on their organization and cities in a later post, or maybe several posts. More to come.

As a player, would you be interested in hiring out to the Dimrill Knights for an odd job or two? As a Master Weaver, how would you use this region? What if your players were going to war with Dimrill? Let us know below.

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