Ability Tuesday-Rear

RearMounted combat is the way of the wealthy and the noble. On a mount, a combatant can fight more safely and use his mount to gain extra attacks.

Often, the main impediment to revolution is the terror and power of cavalry riding through untrained infantry. It is especially terrifying when a rider has the training to rear his horse and attack with smashing hooves.

The Rear ability improves a rider’s chance of striking successfully when rearing a mount. It also reduces the chance of falling from the saddle during the maneuver.

Having more levels in Ride also helps mounted combatants to stay seated and to hit when using Rear. Only Paladins can learn Rear at will, but others who are frequently involved in mounted combat could learn it cross class. Characters with a background in the cavalry could have it from their backstory.

Rear makes a mounted combatant significantly more dangerous. Would you play a mounted character with Rear? What other things would you have in your build with this major ability? Comment below to let us know.

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