Saturday Spell-Dispell

“Wait! I sense magic ahead,” Liam murmured as they crept toward down a corridor in the dark. 

“What sort of magic?” Kalvin asked.

“It’s too faint, I need to get closer.” Liam inched forward, tensed for a magical trap to trigger any moment. “Ah, it’s, uh, man-sized, some order. Probably an encharge. No basic elements, though. It could be a lightning trap, or an ice trap, or a very clever fire trap. Probably just an alarm on that door there.”

“We’re as good as dead if an alarm sounds.”

“I got it. Should probably do it from here, though. It could easily have some detection range.” Liam began to cast.

Alright, so Liam has detected a spell cast on an object. He wants to dispell the magic on the object because his best information implies it’s some kind of a trap. Let’s take a look at what his spell construction oricess might look like.

Since he’s not time crunched, he can cast a good long spell and get the maximum power out of it by making it a charge-based encharge (see the Tome of Order and Chaos). Okay, so the decision to use an encharge limits us to 16 DoP. We’d rather not waste DoP on too much order, so one Order (full) should do it. We also want to use the occult radius, since we’re trying to kill magical energy. We need Zo arcs to kill magic as well, so we need to get there through the Oh arc, but that’s fine, we wanted the range it provides anyway. We use as many Zo arcs as we can and throw in an “on” syllable for double power, since the target encharge is “on” sized. And just to be safe, in case the source of the magic isn’t really the door, we tack on a “liu” syllable to make the spell detect and target a source of magic. This way we don’t miss and waste the whole spell.

Right Hand:

Dain (Occult Radius): Order (Full)

Oh (Wind Arc):

Zo (Negativity Arc) x 12

Oh (Wind Arc):

Dain (Occult Radius):

saying “on ki juo liu”

This is only a 16 foot range, but unless Liam has more than one level in Sense Magic and maybe some Perception, he’s probably already this close. So we go with it, cast, cast, cast!

Bam! Over the next four turns, the target magic’s power is reduced by 12 “on” DoP. Unless the original caster of the spell has levels in Encharge Mastery, this is most of the power of the spell wiped out, since it too was limited to 16 DoP and definitely used some on Order as well. To be really safe, Liam can keep casting spells like this, maybe reduced in power, until the spell is completely gone. Personally, I’d probably move forward enough to sense if it was a sound trap or a damage trap, since I’ve either killed it’s power completely or killed its detection ranger. A damage trap I’d take down the rest of the way, but a sound one would now be too faint to alert anyone

The spell costs 184 SP to cast and takes most casters over 15 seconds. Kind of a steep fee to disarm a trap, but keep in mind that the trap cost a similar amount to cast. Can you think of a cheaper way around the trap once you’ve found it?

Can you think of a spell that would resolve this situation better? How could you rig the trap spell to counter an attempt like this? Comment below and let us know.

Any spells you want to see? Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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