Magic Video Series 5: The Verbal Component

Here’s the fourth video in a series aimed at reducing the insane mess that is the Magic System Page to a more accessible format. This video looks at the verbal component of Mind Weave casting:

The magical syllables have one of three effects: 1) scaling the power and cost of the spell overall 2) giving the spell new functionality or 3) using the spell power more efficiently. Since they add no time to most spells, and little cost, they are generally a useful part of a spell.

You can take a look at my spell posts for Saturdays to get an idea of how the arcane circle is used in spells. The arcs and radii are indicated at the beginning of each line underneath the hands.

Previous Videos:

Episode 1: The Philosophy and Goals of Mind Weave Magic

Episode 2: The Tools of Spell Design

Episode 3: The Elemental Fingers

Episode 4: The Arcane Circle

Please let me know what you thought of this video and the fingers in the comments below. Cinematography advice would also be appreciated 😉

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