World Building Wednesday-Trickster’s Wood

South of Mount Durn and Dalifan, and West of the Elf Woods of Hemifa, there lives a Trickster (who we’ll discuss tomorrow). Reports vary greatly about his appearance and behavior and the only unifying theory on him is that he is an illusionist with a love of nature and a green thumb.

Enough people have gone insane in the Trickster’s Wood over the centuries that people have learned to generally steer clear. Even those who do venture a little way in and return with their sanity often find that their belongings have gone missing.

The Trickster’s Wood is a maze of trees with hedges of dense ironwood forming a maze. The underbrush and trees in forest areas between the hedges are thick enough to not see more than 50 feet very clearly. This thick foliage also makes it hard to recognize the impenetrable ironwood hedges before coming upon them.

The Trickster himself spends most of his time in his cottage and garden at A, but he leaves it readily when he detects an intruder in his woods. He is a half-elf, half-gnome druid/magic-user/illusionist. I haven’t decided his level yet. He’s basically completely insane, but he is fundamentally good and will react against evil in the area once the animals or someone else convince him of its importance. This means he will generally not react against evil unless it threatens the forest.

The trickster hosts 4 Phase Sprites in his wood, with treasure troves at B, C, D, E. It is a safe place to keep their treasures and they venture far looking for treasures to bring back. The Trickster sometimes sneaks treasures from their troves if they have something good. They are more likely to blame each other than to blame the Trickster.

As a player, would you be interested in the treasures hidden in the Trickster’s Wood? As a Master Weaver, how would you have the Trickster behave? What would he do to deter players trying to hack through his 10s of meters thick hedges? Let us know below.

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