Ability Tuesday-Throw Voice

The ability to throw one’s voice can come in handy in many adventuring situations. From causing distractions to giving misdirection, it is a mainstay of trickster characters like the one coming this week.

Additional levels in Throw Voice increase how far the character can throw his voice. It also improves the accuracy of the throw voice targeting. Throw voice is rolled on 3d6 and subtracted from an alternate maximum miss radius (20 at level 1). The resulting number is how many feet from the target spot the voice actually comes from. A=1d20 is then rolled to determine the direction of the error, with the direction being between (A-1)*30 and A*30 degrees from forward.

Throw Voice came in handy for my players in the Ice Tower. Phase Sprites use it to distract marks.

Throw Voice is never strictly necessary, but it’s certainly fun to use and can come in handy. Would you give it to a character? What other things would you have in your build with this minor ability?¬†Comment below to let us know.

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