Monster Monday-Phase Sprite

PhaseSprite“Ferrit, where’s my machinist’s ring?”

“I don’t have it,” Ferrit complained.

“And who else would it be?” Dellin asked.

“We checked for tracks already, nothing but animal tracks for 40 feet around the camp,” Ryan offered. “It was an inside thief.”

“But I—”

“Wait, any unrecognized tracks?” Halle asked. 

“One set. Scattered and shallow, maybe a light leaping creature, only one pair within camp.”

“Sounds like a phase sprite.”

Phase Sprite

Hit Points: 3d6

Spell Points: 80 (20 per hour recovery)

Attack: By Weapon(see below)

Special Attack: 8 ft teleport from up to 8 ft. Costs 10 SP.

Special Defense: Teleport self 16 ft. Costs 10 SP. +10 to Dodge.


Dexterity: 18-25

Speed: 18

Armor: 3 3 1

Special: Throw Voice IV, Hide III, Fast Hands IV, Pick Pocket III, Sense Magic II, See Sign I, Tracking III, Understand Artifact II(intelligence of 24), Weapon Mastery(rapier) V, Agility III, Perception II, Stealth III.

Description: Phase sprites are rare creatures. Small twigoids, only 2 ft tall, they live lonely lives. Phase sprites are tricksters with a passion for magical artifacts. They will often have a small collection of such objects and will pursue any magical objects sensed with the intent of stealing them.

In combat, phase sprites wield special rapiers of their own make that deal 2d3+1 damage.  These rapiers are a mystery to smiths and mages alike as to their origin and power.  Such a rapier, though too small for most to use, can sell for up to 5000 gc given a buyer of sufficient wealth or interest in trinkets. 500 gc is a more normal price for one of these given marginally wealthy buyers or a single very wealthy buyer.

Would you try to track a Phase Sprite back to its stash? What if it had taken one of your magical items? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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