Saturday Spell-Undead Slayer

UndeadSlayer“Somebody’s got to stop that creature.”

The massive, undead orc was driving their troops back and no one seemed able to damage him.

“I’ll do it,” Derrick volunteered, setting his shoulders.

“Here,” Solnia offered, “let me empower your weapon.”

She cast a spell and Derrick rushed down, calling the  creature out before lunging for a stab. Undead-slaying light burst forth and the corpse collapsed, smoking.

The undead, though healed by death energy, are wounded by life energy that might normally heal, if applied to destruction. In this case, Solnia wants to encharge a sword to deal life damage to undead. Encharges are limited to 16 DoP as far as power goes, so that helps determine the length of the spell. She’ll go for maximum total damage output and risk mitigation by making it a four charge spell. For additional risk mitigation, she also throws in some improved accuracy and enemy tracking to make sure Derrick doesn’t miss and the creature doesn’t manage to dodge. This is generally more effective than reducing the risk of false alarm and accidental discharge for combat encharges, though parries still present a risk of accidental charge usage.

Right Hand:

Ku (Physical Radius): Life (Half), Order (Indirect)

Des (Positivity Arc): Life (Full), Order (Half)

Des (Positivity Arc): Life (Half), Order (Indirect)

Des (Positivity Arc): Life (Full)

Ra (Good Radius): Order (Indirect)

saying “ki juo”

This grants the sword four charges with 14 life (only effective against undead) damage per charge. They have a high chance of false alarm, but for a fighter who uses a shield for most defensive activity, this isn’t a problem on the defensive. On the attack, the sword gets +6 To-Hit, which gives even an average joe with 10 dexterity a good chance of landing a blow. It takes +12 to dodge for a total of 27 without any Anticipation. This is fairly hard for even unencumbered fighters to dodge. A fighter with this sword is likely to deal the total 56 damage against an undead.

The spell costs 82 SP to cast and takes under 10 seconds for most casters. The spell point to damage conversion isn’t great for an encharge, but with solid hit chances, it reduces the risk of losing damage and minimizes the risk to the user.

Does this sound like a useful spell? How else could you cast an anti-undead spell? Comment below and let us know.

Any spells you want to see? Suggest them below and we might get to them on a later Saturday.

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