Divine Artifact-Treaty Pen

“And how do we know that you won’t break the peace agreement when you think us less ready to fight you?” General Parus, Lyseria‘s representative at the negotiation table, demanded, leading his counterpart.

“We will honor the agreement,” Hurruk, the orc representative, insisted.

“Then you won’t mind using a Mythalis Treaty Pen to sign it,” General Parus produced an elegant fountain pen.

“Treaty Pen?” Hurruk question.

DO NOT TOUCH THAT PEN!” a voice like a volcano rumblingĀ roared behind Harruk.

Grethgan?” Harruk asked. “Grethgan will bring us victory!”

“Not much chance of that,” General Parus smirked, two shining deities standing on his side.

Treaty Pen

The Treaty Pen is a gift from Mythalis to ambassadors who really want dealings to be honest. A treaty signed using a Treaty Pen cannot be easily violated. The names on the treaty are more than names. Underlying every stroke of the pen is also the signature of the deities of the signatories. This means that the deities are bound to uphold the treaty on their honor, not just on the honor of the mortals. Long after the mortals who signed the treaty have died, those deities will be there to enforce the treaty.

Mythalis grants to all deities involved in such a signing knowledge of the treaty and the proceedings at all times leading up to the signing. For the most part, deities are willing to accept Mythalis meddling with these pens through their worshipers. However, they will often be willing to become involved themselves or let their own followers be destroyed rather than be so bound.

Treaty Pens are artifacts that affect the world on the scale of the gods. Would you use one as a hook in a campaign? Would you carry one to guarantee honesty when dealing with untrustworthy people?

Mind Weave Divine Artifacts are very different than enchanted items. They can do a much wider range of things. Any you would like to see? Comment below and let us know!

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