Divine Artifact-Pin of Second Life

“Not so easy, Duke,” Guire murmered, signalling the void walker from the tent, leaving him alone with the dead prisoner. “Information is fine, but I have so much more in mind for you.”

Guire pulled a golden pin from his satchel and approached the dead Duke. He pushed the pin into the Duke’s arm and the Duke drew a rasping breath. “Follow me, Duke. We have work to do.”

Pin of Second Life

The Pin of Second Life is a special gift from Tryseana. This small golden pin can be stabbed into a corpse to animate it. It can animate a corpse up to level 10 and sustains it. Multiple pins can be used at 10 levels each to animate higher level characters. The undead so created is under the command of the most favored worshiper of Tryseana nearby and becomes feral if no worshiper of Tryseana is nearby.

Pin-animated undead remain well preserved to the point that if used on one recently killed by poison or some other woundless means, the undead is indiscernible from someone living, except by Sense Death or by the cold touch.

Alternately, a worshiper can use the pin on himself. This allows the worshiper to return as a lich upon death with an effective soul jar level of 20 per pin used. Pin created liches can look as if alive if desired, as will other undead created with the pin. These pins are the lich’s phylactery and must all be destroyed to prevent him returning.

This is a sinister artifact usable by any follower of Tryseana to obtain undead servants. Would your character worship Tryseana to get some? How would you use one or two? Would your character stand by while a companion used one?

Mind Weave Divine Artifacts are very different than enchanted items. They can do a much wider range of things. Any you would like to see? Comment below and let us know!

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