Character Thursday-Guire Herrick (Human Necromancer NPC)

Yesterday, talking about the Colhuddle Barrow, I hypothesized a powerful necromancer BBEG. Today I will describe him in full. He’s the type of enemy that could last a long campaign. At the beginning, the players are running scared from his minions, as they level they are fighting back more and more, and by level 12, they’ve got him on the defensive. If they take long enough going in for the kill, they crush his forces and take him and his honor guard in a safe battle at level 16.


Guire Herrick was a troubled child. No one knew about his sadistic animal torturing in the woods, but Tryseana noticed. She sensed immediately the beasts’ suffering. Eventually, his malice grew to such a degree that Tryseana turned an interested eye on him. He showed promise. She appeared to him commanded him into her service. Under her careful tutelage, he became ever more cruel. Those around him had always considered him strange, but now they began to be wary of him and he became bitter is in his ostracized state.

Levels 1-16:

As a teenager Guire began to exercise the power of Tryseana against the people. It began with arson, then murder. By the time anyone suspected the youth, he had moved on to necromancy with Tryseana’s help. He burned the village to the ground and set out to conquer for his goddess.

Guire’s powers grew rapidly and Tryseana favored him greatly. Soon, his horde swelled with the dead of dozens of town and villages. He no longer needed to hide and he couldn’t very well try, not without giving up his army of the dead. Besides, he wasn’t done yet. Tryseana continued to goad him on to attack Lyseria. Their corpses would swell his ranks significantly.

Strength: 8, Constitution: 18, Dexterity: 16,

Wisdom: 20, Intelligence: 36, Charisma: 10

Abilities: Animate Dead XVCommand Undead VIICall Undead VIPrayer X, Spell Casting VII, Sense Death VIII, Bless V, Stealth Magic I, Sense Magic II, Facade I, Inquire I

Skills: Will VI

With 15 levels in Animate Dead, Guire can have up to 1200 undead under his command at any given time. However, if he keeps many powerful undead, his real limit will be in bound spell points. Guire has 2944 spell points. Most of the corpses available to him will be level 0 classless characters and would be animated as Zombies. Each of these would require only 6.67 SP to animate and .667 SP to maintain. That’s 3 Zombies for 2 SP and he could easily fill his horde with these by binding 800 SP, leaving him plenty for casting. But Guire isn’t much of a spell caster, he’s slow and doesn’t have many components or bonus DoP. Using his spell points to bind more powerful undead is probably a better idea.

DeathKnightThe most powerful undead he can animate is level 29, binding 20 SP. It’s unlikely he could kill such a character, but either digging up prestigious graves or crashing funerals for dead heroes could get him a few high level (and four armed) skeletonsthrashers, and death knights, among other things. These would fill his capacity much more quickly.

While it is certainly more efficient for him to animate his undead than to bind feral undead, a lack of high level corpses might make binding feral undead a good use of his SP. These undead also add some variety to his army that can’t be had from animated undead (especially ghosts, who are very fast and hard to damage). As the war against Lyseria progresses, he would likely be able to replace destroyed zombies and low level undead, and may even acquire some higher quality from their highly trained forces, but eventually he would have to turn to feral undead to fill his ranks, raiding their haunts between incursions.

As far as his unbound SP, he would probably use them to encharge or bless the weapons of his undead. This would help make them more effective. Though Guire would have decent health, he’d rather not engage personally.

As a Master Weaver, how would you have Guire use his undead horde? How would you manage his high turn over as he marches into Lyseria’s meat grinder? As a player, how would you fight him? Let us know in the comments below.  

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