Ability Tuesday-Heroic Endeavor

HeroicEndeavorHeroic Endeavor is an ability that allows the every-man to be a hero for 10 seconds. An interesting twist could be for 1 in 100 NPC peasants to have a level in this ability and have a reputation for saving people in the village. This type of heroic figure might not have skills or strength above those of his peers, but for 10 seconds a day he can be more agile and stronger as adrenaline pumps through his veins and he surges with the energy necessary to achieve his task.

This is the sort of boost that can let a regular man like an old farmer engage with nothing but a pitchfork against a couple of ghouls, for example.

Heroic Endeavor is particularly great for characters who rarely get into serious fights. Since it can only be used once a day, it is an ability that enhances your performance for one fight a day, so the character becomes less effective in later fights that day. The Strength and Dexterity bonuses it grants increases with level. It can be a serious boost.

Heroic Endeavor is learned by Fighters, Paladins, Rangers, Dragon Slayers, and Intrepids.

Heroic Endeavor is particularly nice for NPCs, and enemies of the PCs can make it very useful, since they will most likely be dead by the end of the first fight they’re in. Examples of NPCs with Heroic Endeavor:

Lysle Hittite (Human Bard)

Thisse Kaldriss (Lizardfolk General)

Would you take an ability that’s really useful, but only once a day? How much better would it have to be than other abilities to be worth the limit on uses? Let us know in the comments below.

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