Mind Weave Class-Monk

For a list of other classes visit the Mind Weave class system description.


Tier: First

Origins: Acolyte-Monk (Samanera)

Advancement: Assassin, Paladin, Priest

Races: Humans, Lizardfolk, Kobolds, Nekolyns

Minimum Attributes:

Strength: 8 Constitution: 8 Dexterity: 16

Wisdom: 12 Intelligence: 10 Charisma: 6

LizardMonkAn almost permanent first tier class, they are extremely skilled open hand fighters, but also adept with certain small arms. Their miscellaneous skills, including all climbing, falling, and meditation, combined with combat abilities, promote them as a destinational class rather than the often transient status of many first tier classes.

Monks come in many varieties, but have one thing in common: a dedication to order.  This dedication will always be accompanied with some ideal for which they live.  This ideal can range from peace to power and will be the driving force of the monk’s actions.  While most monks will have a monastery or order from which they hail, others can be solitary devouts of their cause.  They may be drawn to the road of adventure by mandate of their order, pursuit of their ideal, search for redemption, or disownment by their peers.

Initial Abilities: Hand Fighting I, Meditation I

Initial Skills: Will INekolynFalling

Potential Abilities: Anticipation, Blade Dance, Climb, Disarm, Double Jump, Fast Hands, Jump, Leaping Strike, Magic(Swift), Parry Mastery, Soften Fall, Stillness, Sunder, Tend Wounds.

Associated Skills: Agility, Perception, Second Hand.

Monk Examples:

Lirva Melowkeg-An open-hand, pacifist monk at low levels. Capable of catching projectiles and knocking people out.

Dimon Malig-A level 1 monk proposal, before the backstory abilities are added. Sneaky and conflicted.

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