Magic Video Series 3: The Elemental Fingers

Here’s the third video in a series aimed at reducing the insane mess that is the Magic System Page to a more accessible format. This video looks in depth at the fingers, which provide the spell with raw elemental power:

An important point to take away from this, at least if you want to engineer optimal spells, is that half fingers are 5/7 as time efficient as the full fingers. On the other hand, the half fingers are 10/7 as spell point efficient as the full fingers. This means that half fingers are better for things like encharges where time doesn’t matter. However, in battle full fingers may be desired because they cast more quickly.

You can take a look at my spell posts for Saturdays to get an idea of how the fingers are used in spells.

Previous Videos:

Episode 1: The Philosophy and Goals of Mind Weave Magic

Episode 2: The Tools of Spell Design

Please let me know what you thought of this video and the fingers in the comments below. Cinematography advice would also be appreciated 😉

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