World Building Wednesday-Diervale Underground

Though most of the merchants, criminals, and others in Diervale stay on the surface, there are those who thrive in the underground. The Reefrats and the Deep Cloaks control most of the underground between them, but there are plenty of small bolt-holes used by other gangs or individuals. The underground is also often used to sneak people into and out of the city.DiervaleUnderground

The Diervale underground is a twisting maze of passages only occasionally surfacing in a building, in the park, or in the statue in the city center. The Reefrats control the northern tunnels surrounding their cave dock. They also control the three northern buildings. The southern edges of their grip fluctuate as they try to capture the center.

The center is constantly contested. Bolt holes in the area are used by small gangs and individuals, but only intermittently. Everyone wants to find and use the statue at the center for reconnaissance and other jobs.

To the east, and the only tavern connected to the underground, is the The Tidal Boar. It is the largest tavern and the gatekeeper for all of the tavern keepers to move their goods into the underground.

The large western building is controlled by the Girdles. They garrison a large force there, but do not have a presence in the underground except when moving people discretely into or out of the city through the nearby tunnel out of the city.

The five connected buildings to the South are all in Deep Cloak hands, along with the tunnels in the immediate area. They have as much knowledge of the tunnels as anyone, but they secure only a small portion of the tunnels. Their tight security is part of why they are so hard to spy on.

The park, though in Rifter territory, is neutral. It is the only widely known inner city way into the underground that is not controlled by powerful gangs. Attempts to build into the underground are usually unsuccessful and the structures tend to be destroyed when discovered. The extramunicipal tunnels are watched most of the time, but the right toll paid to the right person can get someone in or out.

What’s a city of criminals without an underground for dramatic chase scenes? How would you involve the underground in a campaign in the city?  Let us know below.

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