Ability Tuesday-See Sign

Arguably, the key to being a successful adventurer is noticing stuff others don’t notice. This can lead to finding the most precious treasures or avoiding gruesome death at the end of devious traps. The See Sign ability helps characters notice the small stuff that can enrich them and save their lives.

See sign provides a bonus that increases with level to perception checks insofar as they pertain to noticing oddities and seeing key clues. This includes noticing the scrapes on the wooden floor in front of a secret door in the bookcase, noticing a footprint or a broken twig in the woods, and noticing a small tear in someone’s tunic. This is an ability Sherlock Holmes and Shawn Spencer (Psych) have in spades.

Examples characters with See Sign as a significant part of their build:

Burg Broadbrow (Orc Ranger)

Felin Mix (Goblin Rogue Survivalist)

Clove Redmane (Centaur Priestess)

Kok Koyak (Ospryte Ranger)

See Sign is especially useful in mystery games, but it could easily come in handy, at least for one character in the party, in any campaign. Would you be that character? What other things would you have in your build with this minor ability? Comment below to let us know.

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