Divine Artifact-Manipulator’s Gown

The rumors of a gnome, a gnome of all things, gathering a large following for a long forgotten god was patently absurd. That didn’t mean that the mobs gathering along the frontier could be ignored. Dressed as peasants, the Avalon Guard platoon infiltrated the crowd where the rabble-rouser would be giving his speech. They expected some kind of illusion. They pushed to the front to sense any magic and dispel it if necessary. The mob could be disbanded peacefully.

The gnome emerged, well dressed and very handsome. At the least he demanded attention. They waited for the illusions, but they never came, no magical auras. He began to speak, his voice clear and resonant. He spoke of Korgaran and his arguments were clear, the soldiers felt their hearts swelling. Clearly Korgaran was the only deity that could help in their increasingly complex world.

Manipulator’s Gown

A gift of immense power Korgaran was once able to create for his loyal followers. Lore master’s honor them in their histories, but it has long been accepted that the Manipulator’s Gowns were all destroyed. At least one remains, preserved deep under Korgaran’s Temple in Tripik.

The Manipulator’s Gown enhances both mechanical and social manipulation for the wearer. It grants +5 to Trap and Disarm Trap checks. It grants +30 to Understand Artifact checks. It grants +5 Charisma, +20 to Convince and Persuade checks, Facade +2, and Gather Followers +2. It has no magical aura. It is a fine gown with the durability and armor properties of woolen robes.

The Manipulator’s Gown isn’t great armor and it’s flashy and bulky, but it’s amazing for social situations. Would your character wear it? Would you be willing to go on a quest to find one? How would you deal with an enemy using one to influence masses?

Mind Weave Divine Artifacts are very different than enchanted items. They can do a much wider range of things. Any you would like to see? Comment below and let us know!

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