Korgaran’s Temple

The jewel of the Temple Complex at Tripik, the massive temple to Korgaran, is quite a monolith. Despite the decline of Tripik, the temple remains the center of the city and retains a strong body of gnome worshipers descended from the vanished Calldinkel Gnomes. It is also a destination for dwarven pilgrims from Mount Boor.


The main floor of the temple is open to public and frequented by pilgrims and worshipers with at least a few both day and night. They stand before the statue of Korgaran (at A) and call upon him. They also honor the statues of his horseless chariot (at B) and his bloodless bird (at C). Despite their demonstrations of devotion at these alters and in their sermons on puzzling and machinery (in F rooms), there are those who decry their efforts as unworthy. They argue that their ongoing failure to discover the secrets of the temple is a sign that they have not yet learned the ways of Korgaran or gained his favor. Their detractors point out that they have found the secret rooms (G) behind the podiums in the lecture halls. They all know, however, that there are large parts of the temple they have been unable to access.KorgaranTempleBasements

Puzzles on pillars outside the temple and on the walls of the main hall at D and E continue to defy their best efforts to solve them. They suspect they are connected, but only have evidence of the relationship between those on the pillars. The puzzles on the pillars are indeed connected and when solved together cause the statue of Korgaran to slide back, revealing a stairway into the basement. This stairway leads to a trap (M) which can be disabled by switches A and B. These switches are meant to be reached by solving puzzles D and E, but thieves have over the centuries stolen trinkets from the connected rooms (H, I, J, K, N, O, P, and Q) by climbing in through the windows to the upper floors, meant for defenders of the temple. There are still many treasures and artifacts in the rooms; it is a hard climb even without stolen treasure in hand.KorgaranTempleUpper

There is one chamber, however, that has gone untouched since the Korgaran’s followers lost his secrets and his favor. In the deepest bowels of the temple, in Korgaran’s Sactum, KorgaranTempleSanctumthere is an altar on which lies the Manipulator’s Gown, the most powerful artifact Korgaran could bestow on his followers. None are known to remain from the golden age. Korgaran has kept this one hidden for a worthy follower, ready to help him rise again to power. It is the treasure protected by the complex pillar puzzles, the traps, and the final puzzle in room R. If it was known that the Manipulator’s Gown resided there, Korgaran’a remaining followers would not be the only ones trying to find a way in.

Interested in Korgaran’s temple? I intend to detail all of the puzzles and traps later. Have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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