Character Thursday-Mildrik Gillenshrig (Gnome Illusionist PC)

Here’s kind of an intriguing PC, the sort of PC that keeps a lot of secrets from the rest of the party and has some major ulterior motives, probably trying to hide some of the things they find at the bottom of deep, dark dungeons.


Mildrik Gillenshrig was raised worshipping at the temple complex in Tripik. Though he helped with the food cultivation in the spring, summer, and fall, he spent his free time and most of his winters among the temples. Like the other gnomes in Tripik, the focus of his worship was the temple of Korgaran. Like them, he was intrigued by the mysteries there. Unlike the others, he often popped in on other shrines. That’s where Styth appeared to him, offering to teach him the art of secrecy if he would serve her. Even for a gnome, he was all ears.

Levels 1-5:

Mildrik’s study with Styth did not last long. She revealed to him certain mysteries that bore further investigation. She taught him the art of deception and illusion, and then she commanded him to go and enlist others to help him in the quest to find things hidden and hide things close to being revealed.

Strength: 10, Constitution: 7, Dexterity: 18,

Wisdom: 20, Intelligence: 26, Charisma: 10

Abilities: Spell Casting IV, Illusory Casting III, Facade III, Prayer II, Lie II, Understand Artifact I, Swift Magic I, Arcane Knowledge I, Fast Hands I, Disguise I

Skills: Perception II

Mildrik can cast pretty well. He’s got enough components to have a wide range of spells, and 6 bonus DoP is enough for most combat spells. He’s focused a lot of his ability on deceiving, which is especially important since he intends to deceive his fellow PCs. He’d be an intriguing character to play, and hopefully to play with.

Of course, I guess he could be part of an evil party and no one would be surprised, but I envision him part of a pretty standard party. In that case, if anyone in the party has Sense Alignment, his Facade ability will come in handy.

Would you play a character like this? What do you like about him? Any changes you’d make? Let us know in the comments below.  

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